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Why A Mom’s Words Matter

My son stoops down and tells his little brother, “If you wear your new shoes and get them muddy, they won’t glow-in-the-dark anymore.” “Oh, yeah!” His little brother exclaims and promptly puts on the rain boots I’ve been trying to get him to wear the last 30 minutes. As the older son walks past me, I give him a hug and say, “Thank you for using your gift of arguing to help him instead of yelling at him.” He beams as he walks away standing a little straighter...


The Value of a Mother

he hardest thing for me to learn as a new mother was that this job is as valuable as my previous jobs. The lack of accolades, delayed results, and feelings of incompetence, made me feel like I was less, like I was "just a mom," because I chose this job. Then through my daily quiet time and prayer, God began showing me that I am anything but just a mom...